Note on/off with LED feedback


Need a simple LED updater for these Notes

If I press:

Note on 90 33 7F

Note off 80 33 7F


Note on 91 33 7F

Note off 81 33 7F


Note on 92 33 7F

Note off 82 33 7F

and so on.

Tried with a channel switcher/preset deactivate and activate, but there I have to press the needed channel button 2 times, till all lights go out.

tried 2 example presets to write in right form, but nothing from it runs correct.

I would be do it with variables but it is a little bit tricky because the one variable which change is the first byte....


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Is this on your APC-40 or your MIDIMix? If on your APC-40, make sure you put it in mode 2 first to ensure the buttons are in momentary mode and that it recognizes MIDI commands coming back for LED feedback.

In either case, I believe both controllers need note-on at velocity 0 to turn off the LEDs. So once in momentary mode, both controllers should work the same way.

An example of toggling an LED would be

Incoming: Raw MIDI 90 33 7F on APC-40


// toggle the value of ga



if ga==1 then qq=127

Outgoing: Raw MIDI 90 33 qq to APC-40

Of course you would need a different global variable for each LED (unless you use the bitmapping technique we discussed in earlier conversations).


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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Hey Steve,

I found another solution with the example APC-40-Knob memory and now it works.

I have the MK II in Mode 2 and work since you told me, only in Mode 2.
With the rules I couldn`t resolve the thing. I have copy and paste from the APC-40-Knob Memory the LED Feedback and Channel Switcher. Only with these 2 presets it works. Without the setted variables on preset LED feedback didn`t get any LED feedback.
With the rules, you wrote above didn`t run the LEDs.

In Mode 2 the MK II has a clearly LED board. Nothing reacts from the LEDs, if I press buttons or rotate knobs. So I have to programm everything from the start, to get working the LEDs.

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Right, in mode 2 you will have to do all LED feedback from the Application or Bome.
If you can post an example project file of what you have that is not working, maybe I can show you where the issues are.
Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Hey Steve,

thank you for your time

here is my example project:



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OK there are a few issues.

1) At the preset level you need to override the default output port (which is currently Application->Bome MIDI Translator 1. Change it to APC40 Mkii. Click on the preset on the left and then on the right click specific ports and select APC40 mkii. I don’t think you want LED control to go to your Application.
2) I suspect you want to toggle the outgoing value between 0 and 127 (since this LED is not multi-color). Instead of outputing value of oo pp qq. use ga for translator 1, gb for translator 2 and gc for translator 3. Also change it to toggle ga, gb, or gc respectively.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Yes! It works perfectly!
Thank you for this solution.
Now I have try to do this with the multicolor pads with “note on/note off” it works perfect too!
Example: Press Pad CC32 – LED goes on, press Pad CC32 again LED goes off.
I couldn`t solve this till now.
Only with preset change Note on/Note off, what was very big preset project for this…

kindest regards

Hi Mike, could you mark this as resolved?