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I'm absolutely new to MidiTranslator Pro and i'd like to do the following:

I have a synthesizer (Dominion 1) and wont to couple it with a Waldorf Streichfett. Sadly the Dominion 1 has no low note priority but it can switch off the keyboard. So my plan is it to send the keyboard midi information to MidiTranslator pro get low note priority in there and send the midi information back in to the synth. I have a RME Fireface UC with two 5pin midi ports. So IN 1 could be the Dominion 1 keyboard OUT 1 could be the Dominion 1 synth and OUT 2 the Streichfett. Can anyone help me writing a project that does behave like this?

Thanks Tobi

Hi Something like this should work.

We define ga as the lowest note pressed (on project open, it is set to 127)

Any note coming in will compare itself to ga and if lower will send note-off on existing playing note ga then note on for new lower note coming in. If the note-on is the same or higher all actions are skipped.

For note-off, the note-off is sent always then ga is set back to 127 if the incoming note-off message is the lowest note. Otherwise it is left at the last lowest note setting.

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Thank you so much. It works perfectly. Honestly i’m not able to understand what’s happening but i will dig in to the manual and come back with more questions later. Thanks again!

Happy to help!

We basically look at each MIDI note number coming in before sending it and store it for use for future note comparison. We start out with the highest note (127) MIDI is capable of.

We compare the incoming note to the last played note.
If it is less than the last played note, we send a note-off message on the last played note and a note-on message of the current note.
If the incoming note is greater or equal to the last played note, we do nothing.
When we release any given note (get a note-off message), we send a note-off message for that note.

If no notes are playing we set the last played note to 127 again.