NOTE: Raw incoming affects routing

Just thought Id share...

I set up some translators and following the manual, I thought data should all route except for the translator affected portion. It seems that if you use a raw filter at the head of the bmtp file, it doesnt know whats happening in the actual trans and applies that to the flow on and in particular, the parameters governing routing. So in other words...for noobs as myself, please be warned whilst raw etc is really elegant, you then have to manage the filtering of all data as opposed to selecting using the onboard ui defined parameters...unless Im missing something or got that wrong.


Yes, if you want to follow default routes for raw data, you need to have a rule to exit the translator, skip outgoing action if you want to pass it through the default route or you can also turn off the “Swallow” setting on the given translator.

Default routes prevail if swallow is off OR the translator does not execute its outgoing action OR the outgoing action is None.


Steve Caldwell
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