Note Repeat Help!!

Hi All,

So I know this has been covered on the old forum, but I get a fatal error from the web address when trying to go back and read posts again. SO .... Illl just ask it here :)

So I want have a button on my controller (Behringer X-Touch Mini) that sends repetitive messages while held down, then stop when released. This is often used with keystrokes, but I also want to use it to send repetitive MIDI messages. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Try this


On note on, you set a repeating timer to continue sending note on messages. The timer actually sends the messages. You set another one shot timer by the note on timer to turn note off after a given period (less than the note on timer).

You use the global set the global variable gb to 1 when you push the key down. You set it to 0 when you release the key.

You kill the note on timer when you release the key so no more note on messages are sent (until you press another key).



I don’t know directly but this link or search on the old forum might help

Great stuff! Is it possible to set a specific control (e.g. a knob or slider) to set varying beat resolutions?