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Hi, I’m trying to develop that glissando tempo fader idea into something worth keeping. I had asked about a slow down formula, so I can set up a drum machine with 4 faders. The kick, hat, snare and toms would fire off however fast I was moving the faders. But that doesn’t really have a practical application beyond novelty, and since the formulas weren’t working for me I just abandoned the idea.

But then I started trying note repeats on four buttons. Hold down to get a repeating note, let go it stops, and the fader below it would determine the pitch of the notes.
I got one working ok, except you can probably guess the notes are sticking on.
Searching around and the only thing I’ve seen you say that would fix it, is something called bit mapping. Which looks like it’s way beyond me.

Is there a working solution to the sticky notes problem? Where a timer doesn’t turn off a note because the global variable has already moved on to another semitone.
You would think that somewhere in the MIDI architecture would be something like a ‘terminal note’, that has a lifespan. Where a device just has to send this message without having to send a note off.

If this will be a lot of work for you and me, then I will just leave it alone. It’s not that important. Just wanted to fill in a big empty chunk of a virtual bank that has nothing assigned to it yet.


  1. Track the last note on with a global variable.
  2. On note off use two translators
    a) Kill the timer
    b) Send last note off message with a slight delay

The caveat is that if you have multiple notes being sent, then you will need to track each note separately and send note off for every note that you had note on. Without doing this, it is a 50/50 chance of a hung note on.

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