Novation Launch Control + Ableton questions

Hi all, lovely to see such active support on the forums here.

I have a few questions that I’m hoping can be answered before I head down another rabbit hole setting up my controller with Ableton + my heaps of outboard gear.

My setup:

Win 10 x64, Ableton 10 suite controlled by a Novation launchpad X + Launch Control (original), Iconnectivity MioXL midi router, several samplers + rack synths + rack FX.

Both novation’s are connected via the MioXL usb, and the launchpad is setup as a control surface inside ableton. The Launch Control is not set as a control surface, but the input/output is enabled (I just want buttons and knobs to customize)

What I want from the Launch Control:

Control over a certain max4live device on several tracks, that manipulates basic MIDI + CC’s
Undo (ctrl Z)
Delete clips
Control over the scrub area in arrangement view (scrolling so I can set markers)
Play / Stop / Record
Functioning LED’s on the Launch Control buttons

My questions:

Can I have a mix of midi mapping and midi translator commands?
How will midi translator work with the 16 different templates in the Launch Control? (I’d like to set all the knobs to change depending on which templates is selected, but I would like the buttons to perform the same actions across all templates)
Will midi translator work through my mioXL? Do I need Midi yoke still? (deep confusion here)
Am I better off looking into custom scripts for the Launch control?

Appreciate your time :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Yes, you can set up different mappings and select them but have each of your mappings under a different preset.

Set up 16 presets for you individual mappings and then another ‘always’ on preset for global mappings and turning on/and off the other 16 presets.

Yes, the the host operating system will see both USB ports and MIDI DIN ports as they are exposed to the host operation system.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro has up to 9 MIDI virtual ports to use (9 in 9 out). After that you could use the ‘Unlimited Virtual Ports’ feature of Bome Network (even if you are not using the network functionality). You don’t need MIDI Yoke.

Perhaps if you don’t mind developing custom scripts or the tools available to build them can meet your needs. With that said, custom scripts generally work with one controller over 1 port so if you want different "virtual controllers’ on various ports the Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro) might be better.

In using MT Pro , you should always have MT Pro set up to talk to your MIDI devices and then route MIDI to virtual ports. Have Ableton Live only use the virtual ports as on Windows, only one device/application can access a given MIDI port at a time.

On Mac, there is multi-client MIDI support but usually causes a lot of confusion when an application gets messages from the same controller through different MIDI paths.

Many users will have same of the same type of controller and use the first one with Ableton Live MIDI remote scripts and others using MIDI learn or creating a custom MIDI remote script. When using multiple of the same controller, we usually use either port mapping or channel mapping with translations to differentiate them to the using application(s).

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Thanks for the response Steve! Valuable info.

To be clear, the launch control will only ever be connected to my PC through the MioXL, and will only control a mix of things inside Ableton. The way I see it, all basic midi/cc info that gets sent to the outboard gear needs to flow through Ableton, so I can capture that real-time automation inside the DAW.

I’ve done a bit of digging, and it seems like other python scripting type solutions fall short on keyboard shortcuts that can’t be midi mapped. Ctrl-Z / Undo is a great example.

Instead of dealing with multiple programs I will give midi translator a shot! Will post my progress here.

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Any progress?

Was able to map the things I wanted successfully, thx for asking!

The program is way underutilized though.once I hammer out my workflow a bit more, maybe I can find more interesting things to do with it. Right now BOME is the Ctrl Z, Delete mapper for my midi pads

Yes, I’m sure you will discover new things to use it for.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: