Novation LaunchPad Mini PRO MK2 managing Groove Agent SE5 and Transport in Cubase 11

Hello Steven, Hello all,

I am just discovering BOME MIDI TRANSLATOR and its 40 video tutorials on youtube :wink:

My questionwould probable sound quite simple to most specialists like you therefore in order to win some time and benefit from previous cases I am asking it on the forum as you suggested

This is all about what would be the best scenario to perform the following :

Control of Steinberg Groove Agent SE5 using the LP Mini
and optionnally being able to manage the transport in Cubase either with the LP Mini

Groove Agent => Pads and the four agent tracks
Cubase => Transport only

I can either connect the LP Mini MK2 directly to the computer via USB or as a preferred choice through a USB to MIDI Interface (I-connect Audio)

A starting point with a default template managing these basic operations and the list of the training videos I need to focus on would be great.

Many thanks by advance for your help

Hello, welcome and thanks for bringing this question to the forum!

Please find the attached project file:
Launchpad-MINI-Groove-Cubase-2021-06-12.bmtp (6.4 KB)

There are 5 presets.
Preset 0 has translators that put the project in a known state. Most is controlled by the Init Timer as described in this video tutorial.. In addition however I also set some LED states so you can see what is happening.

I query the Launchpad MINI MKII and look for the correct response. If not correct, then nothing else happens. However if it responds correctly I put it the LP MINI MKII in drum mode. This allows me to know the notes we will use for this project.

I set up the grid in 4/4 sections based on the drum mode notes.
Each section has different color LEDs.

This might be useful in working with the Pads using Groove agent.

The second preset, is set up to let you know which application currently is getting focus. This active always presets select one and only one of the 3 presets below it.

Each of the last 3 presets have settings for routing to a different application. This is done following how this tutorial shows device selection.

Device alias on my machine are as follows. You can set it up to your machine to your liking

Note I do not have any application providing MIDI feedback in this example.


I set up the bottom round buttons to select which mode you are in. The bottom button/LED being Groove, the one above it being Halion and the one above that being Cubase.

In Groove Mode, you can selected the desired outgoing MIDI channel to use by pushing the top round buttons where button 1 is MIDI CH 1 and button 8 is is MIDI CH 8. In Groove and Halion mode, I do no note remapping, however I have translators in Cubase Mode for transport functions. Cubase should be set for a Mackie MCU control surface for the transport functions to properly work.

Again since this is an example, Iโ€™m not dealing with any application feedback and only sending MIDI data to the selected application based on buttons pushed.

I hope this helps get you started!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hello Steve
Many many thanks ! Thatโ€™s very kind .
I think I understood the logic so it should be ok. I will study this further and let you know.

Kind regards

My pleasure, Sylvain! I think you will enjoy using Bome MIDI Translator. As I said before it takes a little bit of setup and understanding but it is a very powerful MIDI tool! I actually use it with my Pacer Footswitch to control a lot of my computer functionality.

  • Camera Switching with OBS Studio and/or ManyCam
  • Virtual desktop switch
  • Voicemeeter Audio (Mute and unmute various audio channels)
  • Corel Video Studio