Numark Orbit Led lights (Steve)

Im trying to find out how i can program the led lights on the numark orbit. theres very little support available any assistance would be great. Thanks!

Hi, have you checked with the manufacturer. I found this manual.


I would first try sending the same MIDI value you have set with the pad editor. If that doesn’t work, I would recommend you try either to open a support ticket with them or look at the user forum.

All the links are on their web site.

Their support link is


Found this article. Looks a bit disappointing but maybe if you can configure their software so that it talks through MT Pro instead of directly to the controller, you can analyse what the software sends to the Orbit and figure out how they do it.

The other way would be trial and error. Try sending note 0 with value 127 and then increment the note one at a time until you see some LED activity. This might provide some clues.

This link might help. Looks like someone did some reverse engineering.

As far as I can tell, bits 0 and 1 are Blue, bits 2 and 3 are green, and bits 4 and 5 are red.

Each pair seems to have an intensity of

00 – Off

01 – Low

02 – Medium – 10 binary

03 – High – 11 binary



Thanks! Is it possible to get an example of how i would set this up in Bome? no idea how to start it.

Well, I don’t have the benefit of having a Numark Orbit, however, if I read correctly the posts, something like the below example should work.


When you open up the project, it will MT Pro will prompt you for input and output aliases. Please make sure select the proper port for your device for both input and output.

Then you should be able to press any pad that is assigned a note and it should light up. On the first press it should be blue, then green then red then off. Since I don’t know how you have your pads programmed, I’ve set it up to do it with “any note” any channel. I have a global variable ga that toggles through the LED values to put out the proper (hopefully) color. You can find the colors on the link I sent you earlier from

What you will need do if you want every pad to be different is to set up different global variables for each pad and match the input value to the value that given pad sends.

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Thanks will try it out

Any luck?

Yes it did. Thanks. Im kind of stuck in the sense i understand what i want to do, but i have to understand how to do it in MT. Im pretty sure this is algebra lol

It is not algebra but yes math may be involved and some programming and bitwise calculations. If you need help learning and doing yourself, I’m here to assist in simple Q&A. If you want someone to build it for you, I’m available as an independent programmer/consultant for a fee. You can send me email to

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