Old 32bit MTPlayer

I have an OEM MT Player from NativeKONTROL that is 32bit. I need the functionality of this MT Player on a Catalina system on which I have BMT Pro installed. Alas, the preset they distributed is in .bmte and I can't open it with BMT pro on Catalina. My options?

Can I run an MT player and BMT Pro at the same time?



Hi unfortunately we cannot do anything with an encrypted project file. Your only recourse is either to get an update from Native Instruments or if you tell us what it does, perhaps you can recreate the functionality by creating your own unencrypted MT Pro project file with a little coaching here. 

Maybe they have plans to port this to 64 bit. Have you checked with them?


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks for response. It's actually NativeKONTROL, not native instruments. It's part of an Ableton control script. Not exactly sure what it does, but supposedly there's functionality I'm not getting because of this not working. If they have a 64bit version or could make one, could I run their MT Player and my BMT Pro project at the same time? Or if I could get their unencrypted preset, could I import it into my BMT Pro project?

The encrypted script must be run by the signed application created by Native KONTROL. You will need to check with them.

From what I read, they created a custom MIDI remote script for Ableton Live and then use this player to enhance the features even further.

Hi, we have provided NativeKONTROL with their Catalina-compatible MT Player, so you should be able to get one directly from them.

Thank you, Florian & Steve. I will pester Stray at NativeKONTROL until he answers his support email. My only other question is whether there's a problem with running an MT Player and BMT Pro at the same time. My BMT Pro project won't be sending anything through the ports that the MT Player is dealing with, hopefully avoiding collisions/entanglements. Can they coexist?