Old Forums: No More Search? (Wah!)

Hey Steve - the Old Forums archive is no longer in a forum script. I can’t find out how to Seach on it - or is that no longer going to be an option?

I’d hate to ask a question here that’s been addressed there already (and I’d swear it has).

You can go to the category on the old forum and do a web page search but not a deep search. If you need help with something in particular, let me know.

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Yup. I was there. I can search the titles, but not the subjects.

I was looking for info on if/how Translator Pro and BomeBox cope with TurboMidi. I figure my setup is too complex in hardware connections for it to work properly, but before I nix the idea of a gentle but involved reconfiguration I just wanted to get the info.

Well I’m not sure if TurboMIDI is a special protocol over USB or whether it just uses USB as a transport. Most USB transports can handle MIDI traffic at a much faster rate then conventional DIN MIDI transport. I think if you just used USB MIDI and not the DIN port, BomeBox would handle it just fine and probably as fast or faster then TurboMIDI.

The new MIDI standard was released last year (MIDI 2.0) by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA), although I think only a small handful of companies are currently using it but many working on development. I know that Bome is also starting to build MIDI 2.0 enhancements for BomeBox that would include a bridging mechanism between MIDI 2.0 and older MIDI 1.0 devices.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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AFAIK, Elektron is still supporting TurboMIDI in their products. It is running the MIDI-DIN port at a faster speed (after they make sure – with Sys-Ex messages – that both sides can do TurboMIDI). Other than that, I don’t know if any manufacturer has ever implemented TurboMIDI.

The BomeBox hardware would be capable of TM, but we’re not sure it’s worth the development effort…

On the other hand, for connections involving Bome virtual MIDI ports, Bome Network, and BomeBox via network, our software and hardware already provides high-speed MIDI at full 100MBit/s Ethernet speed. On Mac, you may experience throttling.

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Thank you @SteveC & @FlorianBome !
In addition to Elektron gear, Squarp Pyramid can send TurboMIDI. I was hoping to dedicate a DIN port on my Pyramid to TurboMIDI specifically to control the Octatrack since I use it like a rompler (rampler?), and with data destined for other synths on there, well - I’d rather have 8 MIDI Channels on 2 Ports rather than 16 Channels on 1 Port, eh? Superstition maybe?

I realise MIDI 2.0 is on the horizon, but keep in mind my rig is mostly…umm…‘vintage’ except for the Octatrack and a few other pieces. (I have a unsavoury affection for 90’s EMU romplers)

I wasn’t aware of the SysEx msg, but literally every piece of data goes through my BomeBox, so I think I can work that in once I get details if any are available of how that functions. (Whee!)

Someday someone will do MIDI over Ethernet for the learning disabled.

Thanks for the info.
Am I at “okay, let’s try something now” point - which is past “nah, won’t work at all - don’t even try it” place?

not sure what you mean with that question? At this point, you don’t need to try if Turbo MIDI works on the BomeBox: it won’t. The BomeBox itself would need to detect the elektron sys-ex handshake and then switch the hardware port to a faster speed. This function is not meant to be done by a user script.

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