Once again, BomeBox not connecting

Hi Steve,

You probably remember problems with my BomeBox I had when connecting it to another Wifi at another place without using cables. We were not able to resolve the issue. Back home I didn’t need this feature anymore and that’s why I didn’t send the device back.

Now I had my bome box connected by cable for a long time before I swiched to Wifi again. This worked but more and more it took a long time until it connects after power on. Sometimes I had to restart the BomeBox (power off/power on) so that it eventually connects. Today however, after not using it for 2 weeks, it doesn’t connect anymore. LED’s blink back and forth between the power and wifi LED’s and finally give up. (The MIDI LED blinks when MIDI comes in.) The Bome Network says “Pending”, and both URL and cannot be reached, so I cannot even check my configuration. I have not changed anything on my router or my PC where the translator runs.

I really think that there is something wrong with my BomeBox.


Hi, I’m sorry you are still having trouble! I will see what I can do to help.

Can you connect via ethernet and then get to the configuration pages to see how your BomeBox is setup? If not, the only recourse is to do a network reset, set it up again the same way to see if there is any setup configuration problem. You could also install the latest firmware as there was new firmware release last month.

Finally, constant blinking is sometimes an indication of a power issue. How do you have your BomeBox powered and how many devices do you have connected to it? Note that if you have BomeBox powered via a charging USB port, this could be problematic as charging ports (especially fast charge) do not have consistent power.

Also for WiFi to work reliably, your BomeBox needs to be set to the correct country.

Of course, it might be a bad BomeBox but more often than not, when we get them back, we typically do a factory reset and test them and most of the time, we don’t find an issue. Of course that option is always open too if I can’t help you through it here.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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You were right, it was a charging Power Bank, although it was already at 100%.

I wish the BomeBox would be more forgiving.

As always, thanks a lot for your help.


Glad to help!


FYI: It’s actually a Revolt 18000 mAh Power Bank, and the distortion that leads to the malfunction of the BomeBox exists only in the case when the Power Bank is already fully charged but not disconnected from the power source. So the excess energy causes the problem. Apparently my Hunda power source does not recognize when the Revolt is fully charged.
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Interesting, so your power bank might be configured more like a quick charger and evaluates the energy draw of the attached power drain and adjusts the voltage accordingly. Unfortunately this does not constitute ‘consistent’ power. You might want to look into a power bank that is not meant to do charging but only to provide power.