One Alias -> Multiple Output Ports

If I have an Alias of _MOD1, it seems that there is only a single physical destination for that data.

I’m using Presets to do routing, among other tasks. Each Preset is called (Activated/Deactivate others) to load in packed variables, set up patches, toss some SysEx around, and hopefully set up some Aliases. I don’t use the MIDI Router because from a single Input, the data is sent to different destinations based on Translator logics. I have a bunch of Presets that are basically just like Synth Patches, but sets up initial values for controller LED feedbacks, sets volumes, some SysEx stuff, etc - basically a lot of setup stuff that is particular to a single ‘song’ or portion of a song.

Right now, I have a control that sends in a CC value, it gets some stuff done to it in MTP, and it’s stored in Global Variable, and then, if the Suspend Function is not on, it calls the “DO” Timer which would do some stuff on the value and then send it out to _MOD1 Alias, which is set in the Preset to go to a specific hardware destination.

Now, what if I want the same knob to send to TWO devices, which is a function that would require a separate Translator because the values that are actually output have stuff done to them based on their destination (also set in the Preset).

I’d like to put the “DO” in my Routing section, so it wouldn’t change, and always output to an Alias “_MOD1”, but I’d like _MOD1 to go to one, or more destinations based on what is defined in the Preset Patch.

Sorry - convoluted question.
Does the Q make sense?
I’m assuming it’s not possible, but I’m looking for a dynamic way that an output can go to one, or more, destinations, have those destinations be dynamic, and defined when a Preset is Activated. (I already have the On Preset Activation bit done, I just don’t think I can output to one OR multiple destinations in this manner)

If I can’t do it like I envision above, I assume I’d be stuck with defining a MIDI Route, which is not a comfortable place for me and I’d have to call my therapist - BUT - I’m assuming in a Preset (which has Translators for On Preset Activation) that I can define multiple destinations for a single Input.

Any other ways to do that?

Hi Jim,

You are always stretching my brain. So you are talking kind of like a “group alias” where you assign a group of devices to a single alias.

Maybe you could do this with unlimited MIDI ports (extension of Bome Network Pro) along with MT Pro.

Say you have an Virtual MIDI Port called “Group1” that you have created with Bome Unlimited virtual ports.

Now you to send everything destined to “Group1” to go to “Controller A” and “Controller B”.

You would have MT Pro send to Group 1 and then set up MIDI routing in Bome Network Pro as follows

IN: Group1 Virtual Input → OUT: ControllerA
IN: Group1 Virtual Input → OUT: Controller B

Now everything sent to Group1 within MT Pro will go to both controllers. But from a MT Pro perspective it just sees it as one device.

Does this make sense?

Steve Caldwell
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Sorry for the brain stretch.

I’m going to have to simmer on this to be able to digest what you’ve suggested. Thank you for the suggestion - I sincerely appreciate your assistance. I’m just slow. :wink:

Also, I’m changing a bunch of Timer names right now and might get confused easily! LOL

If I use functions of BomeNetworkPro, however - then I can’t do this with the Box sans computer, correct?

Not sure what this is. “Box sans” ?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Sorry, “…then I can’t do this with the BomeBox without a computer…”

Correct. BomeBox does not have user created virtual ports. You would need to either have presets with the groupings you want or have translators that send to multiple ports.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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