One input multiple output

can MT do it? … ex: one midi sysex pressed for incoming, triggered n ttranslated as two action (ex: positoning mouse in desired spot and left click in that position), need enlighment here mates, thanks

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Indeed you can do this. You simply have several translators with the same incoming message and different outgoing messages.

The first outgoing action would be click down with no delay
The second would be to move the mouse after a delay
The third would be to issue a click up after additional delay.

The attached example should help get you started, however it is not using incoming SysEx yet is using CC, but the incoming message really can be anything. It is helpful if there are values in the incoming message that you can manipulate in rules of the translators. For instance, if you are using incoming CC1 you might want to click on a different position than incoming CC2.

Mouse-Drag-upon-Movement-2017-10-04.bmtp (3.6 KB)

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