One Timer for each of the 3 Translators

Hi, I have a question, I have 3 translators for 3 encoders, I want to start only once a single timer (4th translator) for each of them when the translator is running.
I hope I made myself clear

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If I understand correctly, you want only the first event of the 3 translators to trigger the timer and if the timer is running ignore the other events.

If this is correct, then do this in each of the 3 trigger translators

if ga==1 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

Then in the timer translator, in the rules as the last rule put:


Consider that if ga==1 then the timer is running and not to trigger it again.

As long as the timer has been triggered it will not be triggered again until the last translator has executed it’s rules (presumably as the last action before it’s output).

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Encoder 1 is active: the TIMER is launched, then Translator 1 is executed with the output at Mouse Button.

The timer should be active only once.

Encoder2 is activated:
the same TIMER is launched (once), then translator2 -> output Mouse Button Event,

if the encoder1 is activated again the timer is started once then the translator, … and so on

Any translator can only output one action so you can’t both launch a timer and output a mouse button with one translator. However you can have 2 translators with the same incoming trigger, each with a different outgoing action.

My suggestion is in addition to the timer busy variable, is to capture the CC number you are using as the incoming trigger in a separate global variable and in the timer translator evaluate that variable to determine what coordinates you want for the mouse click on the outgoing action.

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Thank you very much!!!