One Translator Doesn't Always Work

I can’t figure it out. All of my translators in my project work fine every time. Except for one. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

It’s a spinning a dj platter with a slow down formula, that the output is left and right arrow keys. The top is touch sensitive, so when I’m touching the top, it holds down Shift for me. I can spin it with shift held down, or just hold the side of the platter and spin it without shift held down.

This is the only translator that I never know if it’s going to work or not. Sometimes I spin the platter and nothing happens. Restarting the project or the computer works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any differences when it works or doesn’t.

Hi can you post an example with just the one translator that is having the problem?

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Ok. I just copied it out of my project.
It’s the formula you helped me with to slow down the output because the platter sends signals too fast to be useful.
Platter Example.bmtp (3.8 KB)

I see a few potential problems.

  1. Perhaps the application is not focused when sending the keystroke. For this I added a translator that will focus on an application for any 3 byte incoming MIDI message. For me I focus on editplus.exe for testing but you should change the outgoing to the application you are using.
    (Translatoer 0.0)

  2. The way you have it set up is that it requires exact values of 63 or 65 to fire the movement messages. I fixed 4 translators from incoming value of 63 or 65 to any value set to qq and then adjusted the rules so only one of the pair of translators fires depending on the direction you are turning the knob.

For left movement we have:
if qq>=64 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
For right movement we have:
if qq>=64 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

Give it a try and let me know.

Platter Example-sjc.bmtp (3.9 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Ya. You’re right about the input value. The formula for all of the platter translators does indicate qq=. But the rest of the platter translators, I never remembered to set it to ‘any value’ ‘=qq’ and oddly they work fine, because it always sends an exact 63 left and 65 right. It’s very strange that this one is glitchy.

Could be the focus program issue. Sometimes it does work without any problems. It is refusing to copy over that init translator. It copied over my examples to a new project no problem, but now it’s being stubborn. Also the output ‘Isn’t supported by this version of MTP’ = unknown output. Think I’m out of date here. Worried if I update, that something will go wrong and I will lose my work.

I’ll try it with the input changes for now, thank you.

Tried using 63/65 as inputs, or ‘any input’. No changes. Still doesn’t work.
I just realized that these left/right arrow key translators is the only ones that I’m still using the slow down formula with.
So I duplicated it, disabled the original ones, and deleted out the formula. It works now, when it wasn’t just before. So something is wrong with the formula. I think there is a problem with the part that cancels out remaining tick logs, made with the intention that every time I start spinning the platter, it starts off fresh with zero ticks logged; erasing any previous ticks. So that using it is consistent every time. That was more or less how you had described it to me before.

What version of Windows are you using? 1.8.4 is the last version for Window 7.

I’m running v 1.8.4 build 962, on Windows 10.

So is it working or not?

Try this version.

I found some typos in the rules.

if gn<0 then gm=gm+64

should be

if gm<0 then gm=gm+64

Platter Example-2021-07-05-sjc.bmtp (4.3 KB)

You will need to change the first translator to target your desired application.

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Oh, I’ll check that right away. But I had noticed both left and right seem to have the same if greater than 64, but left is an output of 63 and right is 65.
So I flipped over the greater than sign.
Anyway, I am just finishing up the controller. Wish I can get the rgb lighting going, maybe. But I did a teaser video for it to share, and put some of my unfinished music in there for something to listen to.

I also added a 30ms delay on keystroke output.

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