Only one of my two Novation controllers recognized in bome/windows 11

I recently got a new laptop running windows 11, and both Novation Launchcontrol XLs are recognized by windows device manager and Bome (I can see them listed in the ports etc) however only the one which is plugged in first is working. Both power up via USB no problem. The second one will not send midi. It was working in windows 10. Each one is a different input/output in Bome. Any ideas?


Are you also using Bome Network? If so try:

  1. Checking to make sure you don’t have any routing set up for your LaunchControl XL’s in Bome Network.
  2. Restart Bome Network

If you don’t have Bome Network running, the only thing I could think is maybe another MIDI application has the MIDI port opened on the LaunchControl XL that is not working. Please make sure all other MIDI enabled applications are closed and then try again.

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Bome Customer Care

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solved it. i had to update the drivers on both devices. thanks!

I am not using Bome Network and I don’t have any other applications open :frowning: Is there a way in windows 11 to check if anything is opening a port when the device gets plugged in? Thanks for the quick response

Glad you got it working!