Pairing sometimes not working

Hey Guys, we use the Bome Box in our shows to trigger the visuals.
Really simple Setup:
Ableton->Midi-Interface->5-Pol Midi out → Bome-Box 5 Pol In-
Then over Cat to the 2nd Bome Box, same Setup there.

We set it up, works fine.
30-40 times.

In the last month we had twice really trouble:
We connected the Ethernet Cable, but pair wasn’t lighting up.
Disconnect, again. Nothing.
Web Config simply shows: not connected.

So we went through the whole process, set up both boxes new and then it worked again.
about 10 times.
Then: completely the same setup, no other device, nothing: not pairing.

Can you help us with this problem?
We really got into problems, because of time on big venues and its stressful.

The only thing I found in the forum:
Cat-Cable connect to the BomeBox 1 first, then to the second.
Could this be the reason that it doesn’t work if we made this mistake and connected the 2nd box to the Cat-cable first?
Or is there anything else?

We always use the exact same setup, same cables…

Would be great to get some help!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I’m sorry you are having issues. I hate to say this because I always hate when a support person asks this, but I have to ask anyway.

Please ensure you are on the latest release of BomeBox firmware and Bome Network Software. In the last few releases the pairing capability has been much improved. On past releases sometime both system tried to pair at the same time and caused some pairing confusion between devices. For this, I was able to fix the issue by always initiating the pairing from the same device so that 2 devices did not try to initiate pairing at the same time. This is not the optimal solution which is why I ask that you make sure all your firmware and software is the lates.

Latest BomeBox Firmware
Latest Bome Network Software

Now after confirming you have the latest, we would need to ensure that the network configuration is correct. Assuming you are not using WiFi, make sure it is disabled on both BomeBoxes. If you are using WiFi then let me know how you have both WiFi and Ethernet configured by posting snapshots of those pages on both BomeBoxes. This should help me figure out if there is a configuration issue.

I would need to see the following pages for each BomeBox.

  • Ethernet Settings
  • WiFi Settings
  • Bome Network MID

Also if you are connecting through router, I would need to know that and how you are connecting to it.

Hopefully going through this will provide more insight to the next steps.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Welcome to the forum, Veith!

I had the very same issue for months and it was driving me nuts. I was able to fix it using the recommendations from Steve. What did the trick in my case was to remove all pairings and the re-establish them in always the same direction, which means initiating on one device and accepting on the other. From then on the pairing was stable. I put a sticker on the bome box to remember the process in case I have to repeat it.

good luck!