Partial Executes

I created a file in which I only execute Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks. I only use it with sibelius, and it's purely intended for instrumentation and composition markings.

It used to run perfectly fine a few days back, and all of a sudden, the translators began to only execute the first translator of the sequence. This happened after MIDImux and Studiomux stopped working. I've now fixed that, unfortunately, my translators are still not working.

I have tried to switch the millisecond response, and I have no idea how to fix this. Has anybody been through something similar?


Thanks in advance!


Alienware R15

Windows 10 (64-bit)

iPad Mini (First Gen)

Lemur - MIDImux - Translator Pro - Sibelius



First of all, I'm not sure why it ever worked since the delay was set to an unknown state using pp.  Lets start with one preset, get that working and then go from there.

In the attached file, I added a preset 0 called "Control Presets - Init".  In there I added the ability to disable all presets (except preset 0) to save time during testing so you don't have to manually enable/disable 102 presets for testing. Simply set up translators 0.0 and 0.2 to the incoming message you want to disable/enable presets.

What I did is disabled all presets then just enabled manually preset 6 (Artifical Harm 1) for testing. (Translator 0.8)

I also set up some global variables within the first preset and set them at project open with the incoming one-shot timer "Init". I also disable all presets at when the INIT timer fires (IE at project open) and then enable preset 6 for testing. We can always disable these translators later when testing is done.

The variable ga is used to iterate through and disable or enable presets by number. Which is handled by the "Enable All Presets" and "Disable All Presets" repeating timer.

The global variable gb is a fixed delay you want between keystrokes or mouse movement (in milliseconds).  We can then tweak with this number depening on how fast Sibelius reacts to key and mouse actions.  

I then modified the rules of 6.1 through 6.3 adding additioinal delay of gb between each keystroke/mouse click.

The result is shown in the log window uponsending note 18 (12 hex) with velocity of 0


1561039 - OUT  6.0  Text: Ctrl(Down) : keystroke suppressed (main window active)

1561090 - OUT  6.1  Text: Ctrl(Down), delay:pp millisec : keystroke suppressed (main window active)

1561140 - OUT  6.2  Text: 4, delay:pp millisec : keystroke suppressed (main window active)

1561199 - OUT  6.3  Left mouse button click


You should notice the delay in every outgoing action. I have gb set to 50 (ms). Also, since I didn't want to send keystrokes, I left MT Pro focused and in settings have it set to not send keystrokes if MT Pro is focused.


If this doesn't work, try increasing the value of gb in translator 0.6 and then restart the project to set the new value then try again.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Awesome Steve! Everything works now, except for three buttons: Add Bars, 8va Up, 8va Down. These buttons are on Channel 2 pitches 1, 2 and 3. When I click them on the MIDI Translator App, it’s not capturing any of the MIDI Raw messages. How can I fix this?

Did you have to increase the delay? Could you post the project file that has everything working except what you are describing? Could you also turn on logging, check all logging options and capture what is being sent?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Fixed it, sorry, it was a communication error between Lemur and MIDImux, nothing to do with the translator, thank you for all the help. Everything works now!

Interested in what fixed it because I’m still confused that with the translators they way there were written that it ever worked before.