Pass Keystrokes to specific application

Hi all
I have BMT converting incoming MIDI to outgoing Keystrokes. Is there a way to direct these to a specific application only (whether or not it is ‘on top’)?


If you are on a Windows platform, some applications allow “injected keystrokes”. Not all applications expose the individual controls so this doesn’t always work. You can read more about how to inject keystrokes in the user manual (use help menu or press F1 to view the PDF manual).

With that said, the alternative is to use the outgoing action “Application Focus” with no delay and the send the keystroke with the same incoming action with enough delay to get the system to react.

The attached example switches application focus to Windows notepad and then 20ms later, send the text message “Hello”

They both use the same incoming trigger.

Focus and Keystrokes.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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