Persistent user configuration as variables?

is there any way to store and later retrieve dynamic user configuration in a project?

right now I have a series of defaults for variables, and the ability in the mapping to change such variables at run time.

My issue is to make these persistent across invocations, without demanding the users to change the defaults by hand. Its really hard for non-technical users to do this simple thing.

Idea: could we have a NEW set of "meta-global" variables that could be interface such settings?

variables o0..o9 are not used at the moment, and could be used for this.

for example:

translator that retreives the default value:
hz = o1 // retreive clock period

translator that changes the clock period:
hz = pp * 10
hz = hz +10
o1 = hz // store clock period



Indeed, persistent variables are on the list of requested features. Unfortunately, I do not have an timeline on when this will be available. 


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FYI, I have a helper application for sale that can now handle this if you can request and download Bome MIDI Translator 1.8.5 Beta. The helper application works on Windows platform only. You can send me email to request the helper application.

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