Physical Keystroke On & Off

I'm looking for the best way to hit a combination of keys (shift & F15) and have it translate to a MIDI note on; and then upon releasing those keys (shift & F15), that note would be off.



Try the attached. I set up a translator that sets up the global variable ga to 1 when pressed and to 0 when released. We then look for F15 down. If ga=0 nothing happens. If ga is not 0 then it sends note on.

Then we look for F15 up. Again if ga=0 (meaning shift is being held) nothing happens. If ga is not 0 then we send a note off.


Let me know if this works for you as I tested with F12 since I don\'t have F16 on my Windows Keyboard.


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Oh and the original keystrokes will still go through to your OS. There is no way to suppress them.

This method works with a small caveat. When I press F15 - nothing happens unless shift was held. That’s good! When I still have shift held, and I release F15, then note-off is sent (also good). However issue = when I hold shift and F15, yet I release shift first, note-off never happens. I guess note off will only occur if I release F15 before releasing shift.

My next translation will need to be alt F15 etc… How do I set that up if ga=0/1 is already taken? And furthermore, when it comes time for all keys F15 - F24… what variables should I use in the rules then?

Thanks for your help, btw! This is a really wild program, and I just purchased it today.

you can remove the rule from the release F15 translator, then it will not care whether shift is held down or not.