Picking between Bome Network over Ethernet or additional USB-Midi Din Interface

Hoping to get some guidance.

I have the Bomebox running mostly with a large USB hub connecting my devices. I have a small 3in/3out USB-Midi Din interface for devices not supporting Midi over USB. Bomebox Dins are already in use.

I’m trying to add my iPad into the mix. iPad is connected to a MOTU M6 Interface that has Midi Din ports in and out.

My 3in/3out Din interface is one Out port short of being able to connect to the Midi In/Out on the Motu.

Does it make more sense to add another 3in/3out USB-Midi Din interface so I can run Din In/Out from the Audio Interface to it, or add an Ethernet adapter for the iPad to connect to my ethernet switch and run Bome Network between iPad and Bomebox?

Thanks in advance.

Note: In my image X’d out ports are filled with something unrelated to this question so are not displayed.


Your least expensive solution would be to purchase Bome Network from the Apple Store and run your iPad into the mix over WiFi. I believe if all you are talking to and from is BomeBox, then you could even use the free version. The paid version allows you to run to other computers or iOS devices depending on how many licensed device you purchase.

Then the next would be to get an ethernet adapter for your iPad, especially if you have traffic congestion on your local WiFi .

If you are going to be later adding more MIDI DIN connections, then of course you will likely need another DIN to USB interface.

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Are there significant bandwidth differences between Midi Din and Ethernet?

Thanks, Steve. Always appreciate the quick/useful responses here.

Well MIDI does not require a lot of bandwidth but USB and ethernet are much faster.

MIDI DIN is slowest between 14K and 15Kbs
Ethernet (BomeBox) about 100Mbs
USB is something in between depending on USB2 or USB3
Ultimately if you connecting to MIDI DIN or have MIDI DIN anywhere in the path, the slowest speed (weakest link) will prevail.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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