Polyphony to Mono with Low note priority

Hello all,

I’m wondering if there’s a way to input polyphonic midi data from a keyboard and output monophonic midi lines prioritising the lowest note. Much like this max4live plugin:

My intentions are to play piano and to also trigger a bass synth from my left hand. At the same time i’m looking for a way to limit the range of the output mono (bass synth) so that it does not exceed say middle C.

I’m new to Bome so forgive me if this is obvious.

p.s So far have found it very useful for specific midi solutions!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

This post should get you close, however you may need to adjust it so that you process notes above Middle C normally. For lowest note evaluation, it should probably bet set to middle C (note 60) and when something lower comes in, then you would not turn off any notes playing above middle C.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thank you for your quick response Steve, I will try this out!