Possible to assign arrow key up and down for a knob?

Configuring BMT for a Behringer x-touch compact to be used with Premiere Pro (and other software).

It would be very useful to assign a knob or slider for up and down arrow keys, as these are used a lot to change effect values (scale, position etc).

I can’t create a rule that will make it work, however.

I tried

“if pp>64 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action”

though I’d like it to work from any position the knob starts at, rather than using the standard 0 position as the default value for the field.

Great software!

Thank you.

Figured out how to do it from: How to Set Up a MIDI Console for Capture One (or Any Other Photo Software)

  1. create a timer
  2. create 2 translations based on it

Hi, and welcome to the community. See the example below

I have examples for both Mackie and Layer modes. In both cases I’m using the upper left knob. In layer A mode I have the knob set for CC10 relative 1.

I use the global variable “ga” and a timer. I set the value of ga to either -1 or 1 depending on the turn of the knob. Then I have translators that look at the value of ga and only fire if ga is in the desired direction.


I have added translators to allow switching between layer and Mackie modes. I have my X-touch Compact global channel set to MIDI CH2 for this illustration.

X-touch-Compact-Knob to arrow.bmtp (2.1 KB)

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