Possible to have BOME send MIDI Out from a BMT Virtual In Port?

Hi, pardon me as I likely have weak MIDI routing understanding and this question may seem silly. My dilemma is pretty simple though:

I’m using a configurable device (StreamDeck) that can take MIDI input for its MIDI buttons I’ve created. It lets me set a MIDI input per button and I was hoping to use that feature to send/create lighting effects via BOME.

The problem is, these look like they’re the MIDI Input Ports I see in BOME here on the left-side:

I’ve been so used to creating translators that send MIDI out of…the MIDI Out ports on the right-side… Is there a way to have BOME send MIDI data through these input ports? I wasn’t sure how else I am supposed to get BOME to communicate to the MIDI In of this device, so I’m stumped.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



I was not able to do anything with note values, however was successful with using CC values and a script. Maybe you can use note values but I’m not that familiar with thee Streamdeck MIDI plugin.

Attached is a project file.

Streamdeck–Test-2022-12-22.bmtp (1.3 KB)

And how I configured StreamDeck.


Here is the Cycle File that I used.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<MidiSteps version="1.1">
<Default send="yes"
	<Step value="0" display="0" />  
	<Step value="127" display="127" />

All it does is display the value of 0 or 127 on the StreamDeck Button but for proof of concept, you will see that indeed you can use the Bome MIDI Virtual Port. Of course, Bome Virtual ports only work if one end of the connection is Bome MIDI Translator Pro and the other end is anything but Bome MIDI Translator Pro. In other words. BMT ports only work using Bome MIDI Translator.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

Apologies for the late reply, but wow, you replied and resolved my issue so fast - thank you so much for taking the time to look into this for me! I just tried it out and it worked on my end. I didn’t even know about CC modes like cycling and would have never imagined such a thing as a solution. I really appreciate your knowledge and willingness to troubleshoot such a thing that I’d assume is unfamiliar to most, including me. This is very exciting, as now I can attempt to make a customized miniature live-looper out of my Stream Deck XL and opens up many possibilities for me. Again, thank you very much, and happy new year!


Edit: Update, as of 1/3/2023 it does appear controlling the Note On/Off state of a Stream Deck button using a BMT MIDI Input Port does work now (responsive in Toggle/Latch/Hold button types, not Push)…not sure if something got updated with the Stream Deck MIDI extension because I swear it wasn’t working 2 weeks ago. Same for regular CC on Toggle mode. Weird!

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