Possible to trigger LED animation sequence with single translator?

I’m using Bome to control LED feedback on my APC mini among other reasons. I was hoping there was a way to have a single translator result in an LED sequence (for instance, a light that streaks across the buttons from right to left over the course of a second). Creating a single very basic animation can easily take up 10 translators and is very time consuming to set up. The freeware MidiKey2Key allowed you to put in delay timers in a single midi message under a single rule. I believe it would be something like “900001 P50 900101” if you wanted there to be a 50 millisecond delay between the two messages. Is there a way to accomplish this using Bome? Or is there a workaround anyone else has figured out?

Well maybe note with 1 translator but here is an example using two translators.

The first translator triggers a repeating time and sets up the initial values. It also sets the interval between each output of the timer.

The second translator handles the note manipulation . The rules do all the work and we use raw midi to send note, last note and current note. I set the iterations to 9 so that I can turn off the last note when we reach the end.

I hope this is enough to get you started

Animate.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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