Preferences in Ableton

New to sending MSC via Bome From Ableton. Sending it Grand MA. According MA I have things right. I figure it has to be and Ableton preference issue. I am using Track On both input and output. Is this correct and am I forgetting something.


thanks Steve for all of the help you have given me!

Just set track on output from Live to the Virtual Port you are using for input in MT Pro. Have Bome send it to GrandMA using whatever other virtual port you wish (of course in MSC format).


Ableton Live -> BMT 1 – Track out -> Seen by Bome as Bome MIDI Translator 1 input -> Bome MIDI Translator 2 Output -> Seen by GMA 2 as BMT2

Of course the translator in Bome MIDI Translator pro should be converting the desired note message from Ableton Live to a usable MSC message in GMA2.

BMT1 and BMT2 are shortnames (seen externally) and I like to set them up in MIDI Translator that way under the settings menu. If they are not set that way, you will see the long names within the other applications.

Steve Caldwell
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