Preset Conundrum


What I would like is this:

If Preset 1 is deactivated,
Preset 2 is activated,
But only if Preset 3 is active,

So I imagine it is done with rules, but I have no idea how to do this. I have a workaround but thought there must be a quicker way.

Hi @Jesse.B

1 - Outgoing action on Preset 1 on deactivate to timer “Deactivate Preset 2”

2 - Outgoing action on Preset 3 to activate preset 2 with incoming trigger timer of Activate Preset 2. It will only be triggered if preset 3 is active. If preset 3 is not active, the timer will never be triggered.

See the attached. No rules required.

Preset-Conundrum.bmtp (1.0 KB)

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Many many thanks. Really helpful. :smiley: