Pro Tool 003 to Davinci Resolve

Hi Steve,

I’m hoping you (or someone else in the forum) could help me. I’m trying to get my Pro Tools 003 console to work with Davinci Resolve. I’ve tried the suggestions you’ve given to others regarding Davinci but had limited success.

I’ve managed to get the Mutes and Solos to work, the Navigation works but only when you select the window (I even tried windows injection).

The Faders will respond but only select/highlight the channel when they’re moved, there only outputting ‘FF’ and ‘7F’ with fader movement (I can see the 14bit conversion working but the MIDI out is FF and 7F) and do I need different variables for each fader as I will be using more than one at a time?

The Pro Tools 003 uses a standard MIDI map, I have that going into ‘icon Cube mi3’ midi to USB converter which then goes into my laptop and MIDI translator Pro and finally to Davinci.

I’ve been learning as much as I can, and can now recite off hand a number of channel assignments lol, I understand the theory but need the deeper wisdom of another help to resolve this.

I’ve attached a copy of the current file to help (ignore the obvious channels I’ve been experimenting with, usually Ch2 or 3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


003MIDIModeGuide_34454.pdf (324.4 KB)
Davinci 003B.bmtp (20.8 KB)

For your faders.

Change the input value you collect to qq instead of pp.
Remove the rules

The outgoing message for fader 1 should be.

90 68 7F E0 qq qq 80 68 00

We are basically duplicating the LSB of the CC into both the LSB and MSB of the outgoing pitch bend.

The rest should be 69, 6a 6b .etc

These are the touch and release messages used for Mackie MCU.

The FF values you are getting are out of 0.5 because you are setting qq to a value of greater than 127 and MIDI only allows values of 0-127.

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Thanks very much Steve you are a legend.

Finally I have faders!!

I’ve managed to get the pan working from the 003 to Davinci as well, yay (I’m now working on Davinci to 003).
I’ll upload the file when I’ve figured it out.


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