Problem new Bomebox connection with Allen&Heath SQ5 and Akai APC Mini and WiFi functions

Hello first, I have an Allen&Heath SQ5 and would like to connect my AKAI APCMini to it via the Bomebox. Everything works fine on the PC. But only the Bomebox connected, for which I bought this extra to not have a PC on stage frustrated. So the following connection. SQ5 into the Bomebox (via Ethernet In), Akai APC into the USB of the Bomebox. Result => SQ5 is not recognized, APC yes but nothing lights up. Then try Bomebox as a Wifi client connected to the existing router, SQ is recognized but I can’t configure the whole thing so that it works! Neither the software that was previously programmed with the Translator Pro nor the APC !! So the following questions: 1.) Why can’t the Bomebox find the SQ5 connected via LAN? 2.) The SQ-Mixpad, the remote software via ipad, cannot find the SQ5 either, although WIFI of the Bomebox is selected?! I think the Bomebox is an independent W-lan router? Why should I operate 2 routers at the same time?
3.) Is there perhaps not enough power via the micro-USB connection, that the APC does not get enough power and I would be better off supplying the Bomebox with a POE switch?
I would appreciate a step-by-step explanation of how to set up the project. Also which settings I have to enter specifically in the Bomebox menu for router, midi, etc. Sorry for the many questions but I thank you in advance for the answer. Greetings Gogos

By SQ5 not recognized, does it mean it does not show up on the Allen &Health page? If not, check to make sure they are on the same network. You should probably set up BomeBox as a DHCP client for ethernet and plug into your existing router along with the Allen & Heath Device. If you don’t have an existing router, then the BomeBox will need to be set up as a DHCP master for ethernet (as long as there are no other DHCP master on the same network). The Allen&Heath should be set up as a DHCP client.

Nothing will light up on the APC-MINI unless you send notes to the LED’s. Do you have a specific project file loaded that sends LED information to the APC-MINI? I

It would probably help if you shared your existing project file and then I could work with it to get a few functions working. As you probably know the SQ5 has it’s own MIDI protocol so there will likely need to be so MT Pro project translators to make things work since the APC-MINI and SQ5, although both talk MIDI, talk a different language.

My suggestion if you can is to run everything on ethernet LAN. If you have an existing router, set BomeBox and SQ5 as DHCP clients. Set up the WiFi of your BomeBox as an Access point, that way your SQMixPad will be on the same network.

Looking forward to see your project file and help further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,
thank you for your offer of help. So now the Bomebox recognizes the SQ5. However, only if I connect the existing router. Why does the Bomebox not recognize the SQ5 connected via LAN in DHCP master mode? As I mentioned, I didn’t want to take 2 routers with me. Please answer me this router question.
I can tell you about the script that my friend programmed it perfectly and it works with his SQ5 and APC mini. I transferred the script to my Bomebox. Normally you would upload the script and it should work in the other Bomebox, or not ? But it doesn´t work. Nothing happend if you push buttons or move the fader at the APCmini. I think I’m making mistakes with the settings? Can you tell me step by step the necessary settings for Midi in / out of the SQ and APCmini as well as the other settings of the Bomebox?

Thank you and Greetings

Again, without looking at the project file, it is hard to tell.

With that said, the most likely suspects are:

  1. Make sure you set you aliases correctly on your BomeBox for both the SQ5 and the APC MINI
  2. In the MIDI Routing page of the BomeBox, delete all routes and then make sure that the check box to automatically route all attached devices is unchecked. The project file that you load should have, and control any required MIDI routing.
  3. For using the BomeBox as a DHCP master, make sure the SQ5 is set up as a DHCP client and then power cycle it so that you ensure the settings have taken effect. For self discovery, both devices should be on the same network. If they are on a different network, you can manually enter the IP address of the SQ5, however your BomeBox will need the proper routing to get to the other IP address. For simplicity if you want only one router, it should be BomeBox,

If you do not want to share your project file, then I would at least need screenshots of the following pages:

Ethernet Settings
WiFi Setting
MIDI Port Settings
MIDI Port Routing
Allen & Heath

I also suggest that if you are using ethernet LAN, that you turn WiFi Off.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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I create the following test file, however I do not have a QU5 so had to use my dLive emulator software.

SQ5-Example-2022-10-24b.bmtp (1.9 KB)

I set up the aliases as follows on my PC.

After uploading to the BomeBox, I had to re-assign the aliases as follows.

I have 3 translators
0.0 handles faders 1-9 to SQ5
0.1 handles mutes MIDI CH 1-8 to SQ5
0.2 handles MIDI feedback back to the APC-MINI for mutes 1-8

Since I do not have an SQ5 I referenced this document.

I disable automatic MIDI routing assignment on BomeBox since the translators themselves handle the routing.

I enable auto discover on the Allen&Heath Page but disable automatic creation of MIDI routes since they will likely interfere with the project file.

Let me know if this helps.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hello Steve,

your pictures helped me to find the right settings. However, your program does not run at all on my SQ5. The buttons (and faders) have no function access on the mixer, just light up nicely. :wink:
Look at the attached picture. But my friend’s program/script runs perfectly and does the functions I want at my SQ5. That’s what counts.

Thanks anyway and have a good time

Yes, I suspected there might be a problem since I didn’t have an SQ5 to test with, however I’m happy you were able to solve it with the help I provided.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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