probleme translator in device manager

I have a big problem. I installed the latest version of bome midi translator. 
everything works fine until a screen with a watchdog violation message appears. 
since the translator has a problem in the device manager. do you have the same concern?


I would do this:

Unplug all your MIDI devices and shut down anything that is using virutal ports.

Go do Device Manager and delete all MIDI ports.

Reinstall MT Pro

Plug in your MIDI devices.

This should make Windows 10 regenerate the MIDI ports.



hi steve,

Thank you for your help. Florian replied to me by email. it gave me asked to do this:

  1. download the BMIDI standalone installer:

  2. Run the installer. On the page with options, check/activate “Force reinstalling…”. This is the most important point.

  3. reboot, run MIDI Translator Pro.
    since everything works wonderfully.
    but I don’t think Midi translator is the cause of this problem.

Thank you again for your help


Yes, I saw this after posting my answer. It would be interesting to find out what else on your system is using MIDI that might have messed things up. This type of think usually only happens when you go messing with Windows registry entries manually.