Problems with Bomebox as DHCP master


I have problems getting my BomeBox to work as a DHCP master and in APIPA mode. What I would like is only one ethernet connection between Bomebox and a laptop with ethernet-adapter, and it seems it should work. My laptop is MacbookPro M1 with Monterey 12.4. The only way I can get it to work with ethernet is with bomebox as client if I also connect it through a switch that also has a connected router with DHCP-server.

In the “network settings” of my mac I immediately get an IP from DHCP when I connect to my router, but when I connect (only) to the Bomebox this never happens (it only makes self assigned IP and can’t find the BomeBox). Wondering if I have missed something. The wifi is also turned off both on the laptop and the Bomebox when I try this.


I tried this on my MacBook Pro with a USB to ethernet adapter cable on Monterey 12.4. You need to ensure WiFi is turned off on you BomeBox for it to work properly in APIPA mode. You may need to restart you BomeBox after turning off WiFi. Also your Mac should have WiFi off.

And yes, set it up for DHCP on your Mac to use APIPA mode and it should show yellow with “self assigned”.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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