Program changes across channels from a single channel of note numbers.. possible?

I'm planning to integrate a Roland MC-707 into my studio and have successfully been able to translate start/stop/clock/SPP messages as well as note on/off.

But, would it be possible to translate an array of note on/off messages on yet another channel to control clip changes on all eight synth tracks? 

Currently, I am using a set of eight note numbers on channel 9 ('Scene Change') to send Program Change messages on channel 16 to change between the eight scenes in the unit.

Could I do something similar with 105 notes on yet another set of channels ('Clip Change') and map all 105 to sending a Program Change for anywhere between 0-15 for that channel going to the MC-707?

What I'd want to do is map 15 note numbers per octave to send a 0-15 Program Change to their specific channel.

Would I need to specify each set of 15 manually in the 'Clip Change' rules?

Thanks for your help and insights in advance!


I've attached the MC-707 MIDI Implementation Chart for reference.




Something like this would work however if you have 16 channels would you not put them in groups of 16? (0-15)

You might need to add something to restrict which notes to exclude. If you exclude areas in a given area, you may need to do a bit more math with the target channel number

Translator : Note to PC
Incoming: Note on MIDI CH1 Any note set to pp Any velocity

// Determine 15 note group (outgoing MIDI Channel)
// determine note number within group - Mod (remainder) operation
// End of Rules
Outgoing:Program Change channel qq program rr
Options: Swallow