Programming hex value

i would like to map ta famous command that all presonus studio one user is missing to have acces to effect sends on the fader of the controller

From the manual of faderport, the commande goes lke this: CC 25 hex value: B4 019
i understand cc message but i’m not familiar with hex values and how to incorporate it in the command…

Guide lines would be more than appreciated
best regards

Hi Yanick. Welcome to the Bome Forum!

B4 is Controller CC “B” on MIDI channel 5 “4” (channel 1=0) with CC # 25 (which in hex is 19). If you have Windows it has a Programmer mode of the calculator to help convert decimal to hex and back again. Just put it in Programmer mode.

The value of the CC will be between 0 and 127 (0x7F).

So CC 25 on MIDI CH 5 with value of 127 is B4 19 7F

You can either capture MIDI in Raw mode or in normal mode by using “Capture MIDI” of a translator and then use the gear icon to either turn raw mode (checked) or normal mode (unchecked) on.

You send the control with your controller while capture is checked and then click the message to drop it into the incoming (or outgoing) of the translator. You can then refine it from there. For instance if you want any value and want to use local variable qq to capture the current value it would be in raw form:
B4 19 qq
and in Normal form
CC 25 on MIDI Channel 5 any value , set value to qq.

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HI steve,
thanks for that quick reply… Very help full information …

if i wanted to ''trig the command with lets say a midi cc from a controller
i would
first capture the incoming message from that controller and then the outgoing message
would be CC#25 on channel 5 with value between o and 127

What i’m not getting is the CC ‘‘B’’
is it a way to have different ‘‘option’’ for CC 25

for exemple CC’’ 25 B would send a different message then CC’’ 25 A or CC 25 C
A way of splitting CC 25 for more possibility

I think I didn’t explain right

The hex B4 value as the first byte is represented by
B - Indicates it is a CC
4 - Indicated it is on MIDI CH 5

The hex value in the second byte of 19 indicated it is CC25 (19 hex is 25 decimal)

The hex value in the third byte is the value of that CC and can be 0-127 (or 0-7F hex)

If you want any value for CC25 on MIDI CH 4, for incoming you could specify

B4 19 pp

where pp is the local variable where the incoming value will be stored.

You can then use rules to determine what to do with the incoming value of CC 25 on MIDI CH 5 by manipulating the value of pp and using the manipulated value for the outgoing message.

If you push F1 or help witin Bome MIDI Translator the PDF manual will open up and you can explore more about variable types (local and global), rules and how to use them.

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It s all good Steve… your explanations are fine
One last thing and and i will be good to go

when i<m in raw midi message,it keeps tellin me invalid midi message

i enterred B4 019 64 (64 value) i think there more to this
would i need like the number of presonus product to start the sequence
and a number to end the sequence
what is the composition of a raw midi and is it a standard line so to speak with the same number of digit what ever the message i try to get through

i hope it s not to painful my friend, thanks for helping me out

i just put 7f for the value and the message error gone…son i think i<m good to go
i<ll test the command this afternoon
best regards

All hex digits need to be 2 digits and only 2 digits with a space between the pairs.
Hex is 0-9 and A-F. The only exceptions is that you can use variables by their variable name (which is also 2 characters). For instance ga (for a global variable) and pp (for a local variable).

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