Programming take up for non motorized faders

Hi im working on how to make take up for voicemeeter using a APC 40 mk2

Think im gona need Voicemeeter to send a midi signal from all the faders and i need to set up so Mt is loging this in to variables
and then make the input from the fader something like if fader is not equal to A do nothing then if equal then A equals fader ?

Hi, yes I call this take-up. Some DAWs have this built in but Voicemeeter does not.

What I do in Bome MIDI Translator is compare track both the last known value from the application and the last known value from the controller. Then with a little math I can figure out the ‘crossover point’. The key is really tracking both values in global variables and then comparing the values to determine the proper crossover point.

Here is an example of some rules:

// input fader current controller value value into qq
//gb will be last controller value
//gc will be last daw value

// target takeover value into local variable (gc might change to actual input of translator)
// get last delta - gb is where last value in this example was stored uu is the delta value
// get current delta from current input
// Multiply input delta times last delta - Should be negative if they crossed
// otherwise positive
// store new last value for next iteration into global variable gb (in this example)
// Negative or 0 means we crossed
if tt>0 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// Takeup complete allow output reset the last value to current value (gb in this example)

I think this posting has an example I did for the MPD232 about 4 years ago.

It might take a bit to digest so do it with one, try to use as many as local variable as you can but the values from the DAW and the Controller for each fader will need to be global variables as local variables are not persistent across iterations.

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Thanks mate i definetly wil make use of this and this together with the ff in vm will also work when messing with the select monitor button since when pressing sel it sends a midi feedback for all the faders that are not in the same value as main or sel u just used

Steve u still do the private thing ?

if u do dm me oin discord