Project to work if and only if a specific Program is open

Good day.

This might already been asked but I can’t find it in this forum.
I created a project of which I can use my Loupdeck+ to work with DaVinci Resolve Color page. I’m already done and I’m so happy with the project, I can colorgrade quicker.

My question is, can I force the project to work only if DaVinci Resolve is open? And if not, the presets should not work.

And while I’m on it, is there a way to switch to a project using midi?

For example, in DaVinci Resolve, I use two different workspaces:

  1. Single monitor using Asus Proart (UHD 4k)
  2. Dual monitor using Asus Proart with XP Pen drawing tablet (1080p)

I created two projects, one for single monitor setup, and one for the other.

To clarify, I am using the Asus monitor as a video clean feed and the XP Pen for the color page if I’m in dual monitor mode.

Is there a way that I can switch between the two projects using one button from the Loupdeck+?

Thank you.

If you are directing keystrokes or MIDI to Davinci Resolve then it should not recognize either so the project should still run but you will get errors for any actions that require Davinci Resolve to be there. The non Davinci Resolve stuff should run though.

You can use an outgoing action to execute a different .bmtp file and the new project should open. Bome MIDI Translator does not have any concept of where the controls are on the screen but if you have programmed it for each situation, then switch projects for different monitor layouts should work.

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve!

So there is no way that a preset will only function if the target software is open? The only cons of this is if I accidentally touch the Loupdeck without DaVinci Resolve open, it will still function. Not a big deal but if there are workarounds that would be great.

Noted on the outgoing action to execute a different .bmtp file. Thank you so much!

You would probably needs some kind of ‘helper’ application that monitors the status of the software and then sends MIDI to Bome MIDI Translator Pro that can use the messages to enable and disable presets.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: