Proper Use of Bome Network Router

Here is my setup:

Laptop 1 running Pro Presenter
Laptop 2 running Ableton

Pro Presenter on Laptop 1 sends and receives MIDI signals to Ableton on Laptop 2. The two computers are connected to Bome Network Pro.

To facilitate the connections Pro Presenter and Ableton have both of their Midi Inputs and Output set to Bome Midi Translator Pro and the connections are made through the router section of BMTP.

QUESTION: Can I use the router in Bome Network to do this instead of running Bome Midi Translator Pro’s router section? What would the midi inputs and outputs be inside the programs without using BMTP?

If you are going to use 1 network port between the two devices. In Pro Presenter just send to the outgoing MIDI port using the network name of your Ableton computer and in Ableton Live, just use the incoming MIDI port using the network name of your Pro Presenter computer.

You don’t need Bome MIDI Translator unless you want to translate message.

If you are already using the computer MIDI network names, then you might need to purchase Unlimited Named MIDI ports for Bome Network and create new virtual ports and then set up routing of the newly created ports from there using the Bome Network tool. If this is the path you want to take, get back to me and I can assist further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your quick response. Can you explain what you mean by “already using the computer midi network names”? Let’s call the two computer names Macbook1 and Macbook2. How would the computer names already be used and how does Unlimited Named Midi Ports work? I would be happy to purchase that to simplify the connections.

Thank you.


Hi Randy,

If your Computer are named ‘Computer 1’ (used for Pro Presentor) and ‘Computer 2’ (used for Ableton Live).

In Pro Presenter you would select midi port ‘Computer 2’ for output.

In Ableton Live you would select midi port ‘Computer 1’ for input.

By these ports being already used, if either of your computers are using these ports in any other MIDI application that you may be using, then you would need to purchase unlimited ports and create new ports to send and receive from and route them within Bome Network. If all you are doing is what you describe, this would not be necessary.

Unlimited Named MIDI ports are similar to BMT ports but

  1. You can give them any name that you want
  2. You can route them using the Bome Network Router
  3. You can create as many as you like
  4. They will work with any MIDI application, not just Bome MIDI Translator Pro. For BMT ports one side of the connection always needs to be MT Pro and the other side not MT Pro. Unlimited Named MIDI ports does not have this restriction.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks again Steve for the detailed response. I want to purchase the Unlimited Named Midi Ports and now I will give you my exact setup so you might be able to tell me how many licenses to purchase.

Computer 1 running Bome Network Pro, Pro Presenter AND Bome Midi Translator Pro.
Computer 2 running Bome Network Pro and Ableton.
Computer 3 running Bome Network Pro receiving BMTP midi signals from Computer 1 to control Lightkey and Waves Audio.

Thank you.


None needed.

I would set up the link as described earlier for Pro Presenter and ableton (just the computer name).

For Lightkey and Waves connections, since you are running them through BMT ports I would just continue to use Remote Direct MIDI to access the BMT ports from computer 3.

If anything, for future expansion or just to play around with routing and such, I would recommend putting Unlimited Named MIDI ports on Computer 1. Not necessary though because you can continue to use your BMT virtual ports there as you are probably already doing now.

If you want to translate between Pro Presenter and Live, you can always route that through MT Pro on computer 1 with using a different BMT port and then connect to it from Computer 2 instead.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks for all your help, Steve. Much appreciated!

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