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Can I use Bome products to control Propresenter 7 lyrics synced with Multitracks from our stage using a wireless iPad to Mac mini? The Mac audio midi keeps dropping my signal. If so, what products do I need to get it setup?


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We have several customers that use ProPresenter and send MIDI from other applications to control it. In my opinion Wi-Fi is not always the best choice especially if you cannot control the wireless environment of your venue. With that said, if the wireless environment is clean, it can work.

You would need a Bome Network Pro license on your iPad (sold on the Apple Store) and on your Mac Mini (sold on our web shop). You could then link MIDI out from your DAW to ProPresenter. If you need to convert the outgoing MIDI messages of your DAW to a different incoming MIDI message of ProPresentor, you would also need Bome MIDI Translator Pro but if I remember correctly, ProPresentor handles incoming MIDI notes quite nicely and DAW output tracks usually also send MIDI notes.

If you have a long run between the stage and your remote connection you might also consider using BomeBox and running WiFi to it and then ethernet for the distance between the stage and the remote connection.

I’m not sure how to handle this as Bome products process MIDI but not audio directly, although the BomeBox itself is a generic network router so audio should pass just like any other router.

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Thanks for the response. I am new to this so I need ‘lots’ of help. I don’t have an issue with audio. I run that into my sound board from the iPad on the stage with Multitrack’s Playback app. My issue is with Playback advancing the slides. It works great as long as I have a connection. I have read that Bome is much better at maintaining the connection for midi controls.

Can anyone tell me how to setup the Bome network with Propresenter? I have the Pro license and a license on my iPad. The Mac mini and the iPad are connected through the Bome network. I’m just not sure how to setup the connection in ProPresenter.

Sorry for being such a novice. We are a new church and are trying to figure this out.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi again.

After making a network connection between your iPad and your Mac, you should be able to see available ports on your iPad based on each application you are running there. You will need to be running the MIDI application on the iPad and have MIDI enabled. In the below example I’m using an iPhone and I have to applications running. I turn on the switch of the port I want to access using the Bome Network tool on my computer (I’m using a PC but Mac should look similar).

Turn the switch on and then in ProPresenter you will enable the input port named ‘iPadName:ApplicationName’. Then you should be able to receive MIDI from your iPAD within ProPresentor. In my example I would be able to receive MIDI from ‘Steve-iPhone:Network Session 1’. or from ‘Steve-iPhone:MIDIKeys’ which are the MIDI applications, I’m running on my iPhone.

Notice I also have Auto-accept connections without confirmation so that connections are automatically established when I open Bome Network on my iOS device.

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Also available for paid consulting services: