Push 2 User Mode Setting Colors Of the Pads

My goal is to use Bome to map keyboard shortcuts to the user mode on Push 2. I have everything working where I tap a pad and it will do a keyboard shortcut. However, I would love to have the pads lit up when I access user mode so that I can visually delineate which pad has which keyboard shortcut. For example, I would love to have the left most pad in the grid be red and stay red when I go into user mode so that I know that is my add track pad.

Is this possible?

yep its possible I did exactly this but control my squarp pyramid sequencer with the Push 1.
The note # you are sending chooses which pad you are lighting up.
The velocity is the colour.
I use global variables to set colours and a timer to trigger the pads when i press a button so i can turn all the lights on in user mode at once
I have 16 pads for track selection
16 pads for sequence selection
an MPC style drum pad set up to control my tr8
and transport controls for my sequencer.
all different colours. just cant get the velocity senseing for drum pads but hey it sounds the same
Im not sure if the lights will remain when switching between user mode and normal push mode but you can try. I just use mine standalone as a controller Im not connected to a computer in my case

Most but not all MIDI devices allow for updating LED’s from the host. Usually with note numbers and the velocity representing the color. What I don’t know is for your device, sending a note-on to one layer while you are on another layer will work. However, if you can detect layer changes with MIDI Translator Pro, you can always store the incoming value for the other layer, and when switching to the other layer, send a refresh of all LED’s of that given layer.

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Can you send me your mapping. I need to see an example how can i set the pad leds.