Qlab grandma beyond midi network

Good evening, please advise on how to create a MIDI network for 4 computers: 1 - QLab (Mac OS), 2 - Beyond (Windows), 3 - Resolume (Windows), and 4 - Grandma2 (Windows or Grandma console).". How connect all computers and send midi from qlab to others

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Bome Network Pro would be what you need. You just install it on all 4 computers. A license is good for up to 5 computers. Best if they are on the same LAN. They will self discover. The MIDI ports for each computer will be shown and you just send the MIDI to the given computer name. Applications on each computer will monitor input from ‘QLab’ or you can set up Remote Direct MIDI to monitor separate attached ports on your QLab machine. If you are using the same MIDI port for all machines, I would recommend you send MIDI to different MIDI Channels for each machine. Each other machine could just look for MIDI on their associated MIDI channel.

If you need any sort of MIDI Translation (you might on GrandMA2 because it requires MIDI notes only), you would need Bome MIDI Translator Pro. If you run it on the Qlab machine only, then you would only need 1 license for that.

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