Question about the BomeBox USB interface

I intend to buy a BomeBox. I just have one question and couldn’t find the answer:
I know that the USB-Host will receive and recognize othe Midi-USB-Controllers, but does it work also in the opposite way ?
when connecting the BoomBox to the Computer via a USB A-A cable, will the BomeBox be recognized as a regular Midi-Device ?
or otherwise : when connecting the BomeBox via USB-A-A cable to any Device with a USB-Host-Connector (and able to recognize Midi-USB-Devices) will it be found as a valuable Midi-Device

thanks in advance and have a nice day
cheers zig

Hi and welcome to the community!

The BomeBOX USB interface is as a host only. If you want to connect a BomeBox to a computer, you can do this via network connection using Bome Network, either wireless or ethernet. Bome Network is supported on Windows, Mac and BomeBox. There are also currently plans to support on iOS (currently in Beta).

Also, if you are connecting to certain Allen and Heath mixers (qu series), there is a built-in protocol for that within BomeBox.

Steve Caldwell
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Hello Steve
thank you for your “welcome” and thanks for your quick answer. sadly it confirms what I thought already…
in fact, as you maybe imagined, my real question was not how to connect the BomeBox to a computer but the real question is, if I could use this BomeBox with any Device that supports and recognizes “Class-Compliant” gear by USB, which seems not work as you said in your response…

in fact more and more Gear supports now to connect MIDI-Devices directly by USB, based on the Class-Complient-Protocole as this seems the case for the “Host-Connector” on the BomeBox…
unfortunately in this case, “Host-to-Host” seems not to work !! -> and for my personal project I would need another additional MIDI-USB interface and a MIDI-cable to connect the BomeBox to my gear and its USB-Host (I wanted avoid this…)

thanks anyway and have a nice day…
cheers, Zig

I watched your tutorials and videos… thumbs-up and well-done !! :slight_smile:

Yes, as far as I know there is no such thing as USB host to Host interface. BomeBox was really designed for situations where you really don’t want to use a computer or that it is a part of a wider network configuration for MIDI show production. BomeBox supports class compliant USB devices. Again, Bome Network to computer with BomeBox is a free product so that is how most people connect with other computers.

There are some devices out there that have both USB host and USB device interfaces. Maybe you should check into iConnectivity for that.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

thanks Steve !! :slight_smile: