Question about the midi controller akai apc20

HI !!how to set a button to change the color on the akai apc20?

The APC 20 uses note on/off messages to turn LEDs on/off.

The velocity value will change the LED state of the button. Here are the values:

0=off, 1=green, 2=green blink, 3=red, 4=red
blink, 5=yellow, 6=yellow blink,

For example, 90 05 04 sent to the APC 20 will activate the 5th pad, blinking red.

hey grey center, has ibanman resolved your issue? would you click the ”mark as resolved” button then? thanks!

good! and what to do, say if pressing the pad on the controller is assigned to a specific action program to hog the PC and at the same time want to have changed the color of the button ???

how to assign the following sequence of actions?

If your controller sends a message to perform an action on your computer, then your program may send a midi message back to the controller at the same time. That message can be used to trigger the button/LED on your controller.
Alternatively, you an assign a button press to change its corresponding LED (or any other LED) to the color you prefer based on the messages provided in the above answer.

ibanman, do you have a MIDI mapping of all buttons on the APC20? I cannot find any documentation on this.

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