Quick Filter Clock

Hi all, is it possible to filter clock at MIDI IN from the Log Window?

I tried F8 in quick filter but nada.

Ideally just the F8 would still like to see start and stop but if it all needs to go thats fine too.


Are you looking to filter out incoming clock messages or just show incoming clock messages? F8 will show all incoming messages with β€œF8”. It is pretty difficult to filter out incoming F8 message unless but something other than β€œF8” in the filter field. If is much easier to filter outgoing message by having a translator with outgoing as β€œNone”. You may want to try this, however.

  1. Create a translator with incoming F8 and outgoing F8. Note the translator number.
  2. Create a filter with a different translator number (ie β€œ2.” if the translator number for F8 created above was 1.0 Then of course you will see everything. You will then only see items within preset 2 (and anything else with β€œ2.” in the message.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Got it thanks Steve

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