QWERTY Guitar Fretboard layout with Bome midi translator

Title says it all, I mapped my macbooks stock keyboard to be used a guitar fretboard into logic pro.
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guitar fretboard Final v4 backup 4 octave.bmtp (49.5 KB)

Z row is Low E string, and so on upwards to 1, so its a 4 string compromise.

Caps lock switches from strings EADG to DGBE.

4 octave layers too

Low to high, fn-ctrl-alt-cmnd

You will need to enable two separate IAC busses.
Midi bus 2 send out final midi translation.

This could possibly be fixed with a virtual midi port in bome but im not that advanced.

Only current pitfall is the project will only send out 3-4 midi notes unison for large cluster chords, seems to be limited by something hard baked in Bome, any help welcome!

Hi, interesting project. It looks like you are sending from Keyboard to MIDI IAC1 for first translation and then back from IAC1 to IAC2 for transposing and final output.

Maybe you could use the new ‘Perform’ feature here instead.

For instance:

Translator 0.0
Input:  Key Down Z
Output: Perform "Transpose" , 57 ,1

Translator 0.1
Input: Key Up Z
Output: Perform "Transpose" , 57,0

Incoming: Perform "Transpose", pp qq
// set note on
if qq==0 then tt=0x80
// outgoing will be 0x90 rr 7f for note on or 0x80 rr 7f for note off

Outgoing: Raw MIDI tt rr 7f

For Perform, you can use up to 10 parameters so if you want to expand on this idea, maybe a different parameter for how much you want to transpose.

Perform is a new feature of Bome MIDI Translator 1.9.1

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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Thanks for the suggestion Steve!

Perhaps a note for your support team. Are you aware of Bome midi translator having issues with sending out multiple midi messages at once? Is there a limit?

Even with the transpose layers off and direct midi out from the keystrokes to a single bus, I am getting issues trying to trigger multiple unison midi notes in cluster chords with Bome midi translator as the controller.

There is no limit in MT Pro so perhaps the limit is in use of your IAC ports?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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I remapped the project to go in and out through the internal Bome midi virtual ports, and it is still having issues sending cluster chords.

It can do 5-6 note chords if all the notes are spaced out. But if the notes are close in proximity it limits to 2-3 notes, any other keystroke played will not even trigger notes in the event monitor or log in Bome.

Does not seem to be an apple IAC bottleneck, was hoping that was the fix, thanks for trying! Still seems to be something with Bome midi translator maybe.

Actually it may be a limitation of the System keyboard driver allowing more than a certain number of computer keys pressed simultaneously.


welp, no way around a hardware limitation like that. thanks for the input!