Rane 70 DJ Mixer + Rekordbox

Greetings all. I’m a first time Bome’s user, and very novice in both MIDI and Bomes.

I have a Rane 70 that I am trying to map to Rekordbox. After talking to support, this is what I was told:

"The pad mode buttons on the Rane 70 are “modifier” buttons, an the pads themselves send the same message for each mode, whereas Pioneer DJ products send a unique message for the same pad for each mode it’s in. Unfortunately rekordbox is unable to use modifiers to translate the incoming pad message because regardless of the mode you have selected, it receives the same message.

You’ll have to use a translator application to have it perform that modifier to send a unique signal for the pads for each mode."

I figured out how to get the pad mode buttons to work the way I envisioned using Bomes MIDI Translator. However, I am absolutely lost and stuck when it comes to editing the pads to send different messages dependent on what mode is activated.

Hopefully you guys can help. Awesome community here.


Hi and welcome to the Bome Community!

Sure, if you can tell me what MIDI theRan 70 pads send (use the MT Pro Log Window and monitor MIDI IN) and what Rekordbox expects for each of the modes. Maybe if you have something working, you, can post your existing project file. In general, if you have unused pads, we can use those to switch modes so that we can send different MIDI messages for each mode. If you don’t have extra pads, maybe we can work a double-tap gesture for switching modes and single tap after that to send pad messages.

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1490393346318_note2cc-2017-03-24.bmtp (1.6 KB)

Thanks for the speedy reply. I have uploaded the project file I did last night. Natively, the 70’s pad mode select buttons have two layers. One press activates the first layer, and the second activates the second layer. However, Rekordbox recognizes each pad press as on (9C00) and off (8C00), according to the Rekordbox Midi Learn feature.

Do you need me to post what ALL the buttons are outputting? Or just an example?

Hi just give me a few examples and I can show you how to set it up so that after pushing a button you can change the output of the other buttons. You should then be able to use the mode buttons which do not pass through to RekordBox and then press another button that varies it’s output depending on the mode you have selected.

My objective here is to show you some examples to help you get started so that you can do the rest yourself.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

That’s what I was thinking. Always more satisfying to learn how.

I actually have a post that is awaiting moderation where I gave somewhat of an example, but I will simplify it a bit here.

I want to press the button “Hot Cue” once to go into Hot Cue mode, and again to go into Beat Jump mode. The MIDI commands currently output for this button are 8C 00 00 on one press, and 9C 00 7F on the second. Pressing this button will change the the messages sent on all 8 pads for that channel. Currently, no matter what, Pad 1 outputs MIDI 9C 14 01 when pressed and 8C 14 00 when released. This is exactly how I want the pads to behave in all of the modes, just outputting different vaues depending on whether I am in Hot Cue mode or Beat Jump mode.

I also forgot to mention. I would like for 8C 00 00 to be the MIDI command for Hot Cue Mode and 9C 00 7F to be the MIDI command for Beat Jump mode.

This is not an exact project of what you want but you should get the idea from it
Note 0x18 selects the preset by number by incrementing the value of the global variable ga.
The Mode switch only changes presets then the same button (Note 0x19) will send a value of 1-5 depending on which preset is active. I do this by activating a given preset and deactivating all other except preset number one which is set to always active.

Mode-Switch-Same-Note.bmtp (6.0 KB)

All of the note numbers are the same in each preset and uses the value of ga to calculate the CC output to use. (See rules)

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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For example, the “Hot Cue” pad mode button I want to map to toggle between “Hot Cue Mode” and “Beat Jump Mode”. The MIDI sent by this button is 8C 00 00 and 9C 00 7F.

Pad 1 outputs the same MIDI (currently) no matter the mode…9C 14 01 when pressed, and 8C 14 00 when released.

The action of the pad does what I expect upon being pressed, but I need it to do that same thing with a different MIDI message when the Pad Mode is changed. So, for 2 mixer channels…each channel has 8 pads. There are 5 mode buttons (x2 layers) per channel. If my math is correct, that would make for 80 unique MIDI commands for the pads on one channel, and another 80 MIDI commands for the pads on the other channel.

I am also including a photo of the pad section of the 70 in case my explanation is confusing.


Confusing, but it’s a start in the right direction. Thanks!!!