RE: stopping midi cc on select midi channels from passing through Midi Translator


I would just like to start by saying that I am a musician and not a programmer.

The Setup: I'm using the Midi Translator Pro as an interface between my iPad Pro and Pro Tools on my Mac. The iPad functions as a wifi controller (using Touch OSC) for Pro Tools functions such as fader control and some editing functions as well as a virtual instrument plugin controller (specifically in this case a B-5 Hammond Organ plugin with drawbars and buttons - midi notes and midi cc. (Note: I am also using an Arturia MiniLab mkII as a the 'piano' keyboard controller in tandem with the iPad).

My purpose for Midi Translator is to convert midi CC to keystroke data so that i can use shortcuts to control Pro Tools- which Midi Translator does incredibly well!

I have the iPad Touch OSC sending the Midi CC messages to be converted to keystrokes on Midi Channels 14 and 15.

All Pro Tools fader, plugin and related midi control change and note data/messages are sent from the iPad Touch OSC on Midi Channel 1.

The problem is that the midi cc data coming from the iPad (Touch OSC) on Midi Channels 14 and 15 is passing through Midi Translator Pro somehow (i have swallow engaged and i can see from posts that I need to do more than just engage swallow but the programming and technical language is beyond me) and therefore messing with my Instrument plugin Channel 1 midi CC based functions.

I am limited in Pro tools in terms of how i can route midi channels with this particular setup (in that i must keep all incoming midi channels open in Pro Tools) .

I figure that if I could ensure that no Midi CC data (sent from my Touch OSC iPad controller) on Midi channels 14 and 15 makes it past Midi Translator Pro after its been converted to keystrokes, then I'd be golden! ha.

Any chance you can help? (Keeping in mind that the technical language and inferences are almost completely beyond me - although i do have some understanding of logic functions.)

I've attached my .bmtp file.


Hi, in looking at your project file, it appears that you are note passing through any MIDI via MT Pro. You must have Pro-tools looking directly at your Touch OSC MIDI port instead. If you want to block these messages, you must set up Pro-tools to look at a Bome Virtual MIDI Port instead of the Touch OSC directly.  You can then set up a MIDI thru path for the Touch OSC to go to a specific plugin and then swallow anything you don't want to pass through.

I've added this path in the attached project file.

See attached diagrams.

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks for your help Steve. That worked.

Great program!


My Pleasure!