Reactivate last used preset on release of shift key.

I have set up several presets but i now want to set up a shift function that when deactivated will default back to the last selected preset. (not to a specific preset)


Use Case:

If i am on preset 1 (normal controls) and I press the shift function which activates Preset 5(grid adjustment) i can then adjust the grid level in the arrangement page. Releasing the shift button reactivates preset 1 and deactivates preset 5...... (all good for this scenario)

However if i am on Preset 3 (which activates the midi editor and controls actions within the midi editor), I want to still be able to use the same grid shift function (preset 5) to adjust the grid level within the midi editor. Again this works partially in the sense that the same controls will now adjust the grid level. But when i release the shift key it will jump to preset 1 instead of keeping me in preset 3. (as i am still wanting to stay in midi editor mode until i deactivate that preset).

So i am wondering if there is a way to jump back to the last used preset before i pressed the shift key.(rather than specifying a preset that it always jumps back to).

Hi, I might be able to help you but you might need to post your project file for me to be much help. I’m not sure what you mean about “jumping” to a preset. Presets are enabled or disabled but the flow of translators always starts from the first active preset and then translator and then works it’s way down. If you are trying to use the shift key for activation/deactivation of multiple presets as I suspect you are trying to do, one or more global variables will need to be set up and maintained to track and manage the state of the presets so that rules can be created to determine which presets will be activated/deactivated depending on the state of the global variable(s). You would put any rules and managements of these other presets under a separate (always active) preset.

Could you post your project file and I will take a look and advise further if needed,

Steve Caldwell

Thanks Steve. TBH i was trying to achieve what i was doing without buying the pro version. But have since realised that the ability to set/pass the global variable aspect is what is crippled in the free version.

Your video tutorials are good by the way. They were probably a deciding factor in me shelling out for the product.



OK, let me know if you need any more help. Yes the Pro version is much more capable and I believe well worth the investment. I bought it a few years ago and never regretted the investment. I found there is not much I cannot do with it.

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