Real time audio - to MIDI conversion

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

do you know a program for Windows-pc, that is capable to convert monophonic audio into MIDI-events (note on/off) in real-time, with little latency?

I could imagine a system, consisting of an USB-audio-interface (with a MIDI interface), that sends audio to a pc, where this audio is converted into MIDI events by a program, and these events are sent back to the USB-interface, where they can control for example a synthesizer over the MIDI-out.

Maybe you already offer such an app, or you know somebody, who does.

Hi Florian,

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I think I remember seeing something like this when I did a web search a few years ago, however what I found didn’t look reliable and complete so I gave up the search. I know that Bome Software currently doesn’t have such an application. I suggest you do a web search. Maybe someone has come up with something since I last looked.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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