Receiving MIDI Clock via Ethernet Port or WiFi Ableton Link

I’m trying to send MIDI Clock from my Denon Prime GO to the Bome Box, either by Ethernet or WiFi as it has both capabilities. My main question is, can it be done and should I use MIDI Translator Pro to achieve?

Here are the excerpts from the manual;
→ Link Port: Use a standard Ethernet cable to connect this port to a computer. PRIME GO will send time, BPM, and other track data to the compatible StagelinQ lighting and video software over this connection.

The Denon Prime GO also uses WiFi and I have been able to send clock this way to Loopy Pro, which uses the Ableton Link Protocol. Not sure if this could be used?

With these two options in mind (Ethernet / WiFi), can you suggest my best way forward? It would be preferable to not have to have an iPad or Computer in the setup in order to achieve clock sync. I also just want to get more comfortable using the Bome Box as my main nexus point for MIDI communication, without adding too much in between.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

BomeBox supports Allen and Heath Protocol which I believe may meet your needs as it is basically a raw TCP/IP type of connection, although it is technically not supported outside of the Allen and Heath Protocol. However you can try it. Self discover of devices will not work, however if you set up a device manually, with the correct IP address and port number, it might work.

On your BomeBox browser interface, go to the Allen & Heath MIDI page and manually add the device by IP.

After ensuring you Denon is online, enter its IP address followed by a colon and the port number.


I you see a connection, then you are probably in business. Just set up your routing on BomeBox from your MIDI device to your Denon and visa versa and you should be good to go. Again, this functionality is not officially supported, however we have had some customers that have had luck using this method for RAW TCP/IP protocols.

Alternatively you might consider using PureData on a Mac or PC to accomplish similar network to MIDI. I’ve been successful in using this method to communicate between my PC and BomeBox. Again since it is raw MIDI the connection is not as dependable as Bome Network Protocol but it might work in a pinch.

Ableton Link is not supported on BomeBox, however.

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve,
Your response time is unfathomable!

I’m not sure if I interpreted your response correctly or not. But I can already connect to the Bome Box Network from the Denon. I’m just stuck on how the clock (which gets sent out from the Ethernet port on the Denon), can be translated/transmitted via the Bome Box, which can then send it on to other devices via the DIN ports.

I’m happy to purchase the translator pro, but I don’t know how to test that the clock signal is actually receivable by the Bome Box. Is this something the trial version would allow me to test at least?

I also purchased Bome Network Pro last night, but not sure how it can serve me here either. Sorry for the elementary questions, I purchased the Bome Box thinking that the Ethernet Port functionality would be the solution to integrating my audio hardware.

Perhaps there are a few key things I must test/confirm in order for me to know where I stand?

MIDI clock is just another type of MIDI message so if your Denon is sending it out using the same method, your BomeBox should be getting it. Just set the routes on your BomeBox to the desired output ports like any other MIDI.

Ableton Link is it’s own protocol so you cannot use it with BomeBox to any MIDI ports as it is not MIDI.

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Did you find a solution in the end baker.ryan?

Hi @matt_collis , sorry for the delayed response. I kind of gave up on this a while back as I wasn’t able to achieve what Steve had suggested.

While I could find my Denon’s IP address, I had trouble finding its specific Port Number, so this could have been my main issue.

I purchased the Bome Box without identifying this gap o being unable to communicate with Link enabled devices. It also doesn’t seem to be a part of Bome’s roadmap to adopt support for link, which is surprising. The Network MIDI arena seems to be Bome’s main selling point.

I would be excited if support were announced, but at the moment I’m looking for alternatives.

@SteveC , please chime in if I’ve misrepresented the Bome or have additional insight on this topic.

I don’t think you misrepresented anything, however I’m not usually privy to what is on the roadmap and/or when it will be released.

@FlorianBome will chime in if he has anything to add in the way of comments.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing your opinion! Just to clarify a few points:

As Steve said, we do not publish our roadmap. So any statement whether a particular feature is on the roadmap or not is speculation.
What I can say, however, is that we do listen to our customers and that we will put requests on our roadmap if there is enough interest. This post is duely noted. Personally, I am also interested in Ableton Link and would find support for it in the BomeBox great! But the list of feature requests is very long…

Of course, all that does not help you, because you’re looking for a solution right now!