Recording keystrokes from controller output

Im trying to copy over my saved keystroke commands from osculator so i can begin to implement them in Midi translator. I understand that i can manually record my keystrokes in the outgoing actions but im not able to record the keystrokes that i have assigned to my controller via osculator in to bome. Is there a way around this?




If I understand correctly, you want to be able to put your cursor in the outgoing action of the translator and from there automate the outgoing keystroke sequence there instead of manually keying it into you computer. Is that what you are saying? If so, this would only be possible if you have some sort of “keystroke emulator” to trigger the required input message for the output field. Also if there needs to be any delay between keystrokes (instead of text inputs), you would need to set up in multi translators the keystrokes and have timers create these delays.

Maybe if you give me an example of a translator you are trying to set up and the required inputs and outputs, I can think of some other way. What OS platform are your running Bome MT Pro?

Steve Caldwell
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hmmm….let me rephrase the question. So right now in osculator i have a library of keyboard shortcuts that I want to begin to implement with Midi translator. See picture in attached file. When i asked the first time i realize that there was user error on my end. I had the shortcuts in osculator targeted to an application (reason). Your response made me go back and look so i changed the targeting of the shortcuts to midi translator. Still when i goto the outgoing action in midi translator and try to record the keystrokes from my controller via osculator (which i feel should work) it now it will record in the keystroke entries but only the end letter (character) of the keystroke and not the complete command. So in the picture where you see Burgundy instead of expressing the full keystroke it only shows (H). In theory the commands should work if i have them targeted to midi translator or non targeted which should make them work with what ever application the computer is focused on.

The reason im trying to “shortcut” my way out of this is because as you can see the commands are exaggerated and arent in a static order and were designed to be used by a controller and not actual hands lol. Ive been messing up the order and trying to find a more simple way to do it if its possible. Copy and paste isnt an option either because i can copy the commands out of osculator but i cant paste them in midi translator. Ive also been trying to do this entire process via controller which is very possible if i can figure how to get the shortcuts recorded. Which is the real goal. Please let me know if you can think of anything else that might work. if i have to manually put them in just let me know. Thanks!


Are you putting the cursor in the keystroke field of the translator before sending the shortcut? Is it defined a physical keystroke as opposed to text?
Also in MT Pro, options, make sure that you uncheck ignore incoming keystrokes with MT Pro is focused.

Other than that, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work.

Absolutely! I did make sure the physical option was selected. To even add yesterday when i first tried it i sat there and figured out how many tab presses from the top of preset menu to the cursor entry input for the outgoing messages to do it. i then programmed osculator to do that many tab presses.I then thought to look in the manual and found the shortcuts for midi translator which all worked fine. I just read your last suggestion and the ignore incoming was unchecked but the suppress outgoing was checked and with it unchecked its working as I thought it should. Thanks!

This also leads me to one other question am i able to focus specific commands to apps with midi translator? Similar to how i showed in the screenshot.

So looks like you got it working? If so, glad to help! As far as targeting applications for outgoing keystrokes. No, it will just send keystrokes to the active application (in focus) only.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Understood! Thanks Steve!